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Sometimes you just need to know that there is someone willing to go on an adventure with you. Someone to show up, maybe push the limits, go where no one else may be willing to go or just start your journey of pushing the limits. Different adventures may require different support. That is why I am offering a variety of opportunities, with different levels, to join me on my adventures outdoors.

Paddle Board Excursions on the Great Lakes

People associate paddle boarding with being calm, relaxing, and serene. This is 100% true.

What people don’t often associate with paddle boarding is that it can be a challenge both mentally and physically. If you are an intermediate** to advance paddle boarder, this is a challenge I present to you. It's time to get on the big lakes.

Paddle boarding is about listening and feeling the water. The big lake provides obstacles, waves and currents that are outside of our control. It is in these moments that learning to flow with them that takes your skills to the next level.

I invite you to join me as I board on Lake Michigan this summer. There will be opportunities to have small group sessions (fee-based) if you are new to paddling on the Great Lake and these opportunities will be noted in the individual excursions. These excursions are meant to bring people together who want to enjoy the water, food and good times with others. Its time to get out into nature, play and connect.

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I look forward to seeing you on the water!

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